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HAHAHA [30 Oct 2007|06:33pm]
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[27 Jul 2004|06:29pm]
i'm going to see Ash tomorrow night & i'm very, very excited. however, i'm desperately hoping that this doesn't mimic the veruca salt gig where i've been dying to see the band for 10 yrs and when i finally do it's one of the worst things i've ever seen. i'm sure tim & co won't let me down though.

we also have a trivia night for work tomorrow in which "tony's trivia nazis" (working name only) will dominate.

i've worked too hard the past couple of weeks without enough pay. i instructed in court all of last week which was a good experience, but the trial involves design infringement of 4 aluminium extrusions that make wardrobe doors slide on their tracks, so needless to say there have been moments when my eyes have involuntarily closed with boredom. we're back in court on friday afternoon to finish the witnesses and then back on the 24th and 25th of august for closing submissions. on the bright side, i've exceeded my budget for the month and so far only that file has been billed. therefore, i don't feel too guilty about crusing the internet and having 45 minute hot chocolate breaks this week instead of doing work.

i bought new shoes on saturday that are SEXXXYY and i love them.

and that's about it.
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[17 Jul 2004|04:46pm]
It's 4.49pm on a Saturday and I've been at work since 12pm doing stupid fucking submissions for a stupid fucking trial starting on monday and the barrister is a fucking tool and i had a nervous breakdown last night and i'm so tired i can't see straight and i have had a constant migraine since monday and we are going to lose the trial and did i mention that the barrister is a dickhead?
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haven't done one in a while, so.. [19 Jan 2004|09:28pm]
first job: medical receptionist for my dad during school holidays. other than that, it's the one i have now.

first screen name: i always just used my real name. i was too unoriginal to think of a screen name.

first pet: toffee, a black silky terrier

first self-purchased album: i really can't remember

first funeral: my pop

first piercing: ears in grade 5 and nothing ever since.

first true love: isn't true love the one you stay with forever? my first love was andrew, my second eddy and he's the true one.

first big trip: we used to live in adelaide while the rest of the extended family lived in tassie. there were many plane trips back and forth from the time i was in grade 1 until grade 4.

last cigarette: i've never had one and never plan to

last cry: a few weeks ago.

last library book checked out: uni textbooks at the beginning of last year. i think it would have been restrictive trade practices law.

last movie seen in a theatre: goodbye lenin. which rocks the house.

last book read: "the solomon sisters wise up" chick lit at its best. yes, i'm embarrassed.

last cuss word uttered: "i did fucking 69 billable units at work today" to eddy just before.

last beverage: diet coke

last food consumed: a licorice allsort.

last phone call: eddy at lunchtime to tell him that the replacement power adapter for my ibook was going to cost $179!!!

last time showered: this morning

last shoes worn: my runners walking home from work. which looked so sexy over my fishnets.

last cd played: the strokes, room on fire.

last item bought: lunch.

last thing written: lunch.

last key used: my house key.

last word spoken: "thanks" after eddy got me my diet coke.

last kiss: about 5 mins ago

last sleep: last night

last ice cream eaten: hmm, it has been ages.

last lipstick: victoria's secret "lovelight"

last dancing: in my loungeroom 2 nights ago to bon jovi. ahem.

last show attended: QOTSA/the distillers
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it always comes to this [08 Aug 2003|07:03pm]
"I've got to say that this has been the most enjoyable cd another band has ever sent me. I've been playing it over and over... one song in particular inspired me to a new song of my own (don't worry it's nothing like your track... it's more about the feeling your track gave me) "what's funny is sad"... it's beautiful."

- email received by the enola fall boys from michael miller, singer of fourth floor collapse today. i'm so excited.
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argh. [12 Jun 2003|08:37pm]
there was a partners' meeting at work this afternoon, which means that everyone tends to leave early while they're not around. i'd planned to skip out just before 5 (i'm usually there until about 6), especially because i had to drive my brother to the airport at 6.30. however, murphy's law has struck again and i've had to bring home a riveting unit holders agreement to review before 9am tomorrow. i hate it when someone hands me work at 4.55pm!!

trust me, i wish i had something interesting to write about too, you're not the only ones!
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public service announcement [08 Jun 2003|06:51pm]
this journal is friends-only, for the information of those who had yet to actually figure that out.
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[26 Jan 2003|06:30pm]
2 machine gun fellatio songs in the top 10 of the hottest 100. someone shoot me please. what is WRONG with people?
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[10 Oct 2002|07:17pm]
so busy & so exhausted, so this will be brief.

- started work on monday, which is fantastic
- sarah michelle gellar is one of our clients. so is russel crowe.
- i'm starting off in the family law division, we're doing international child abductions at the moment
- i have business cards. who wants one?
- it's really scary how useless i feel at work because i don't know anything
- i got my first paycheck today!
- i get the keys to the new house tomorrow
- mum and dad bought me a truckload (literally) of new furniture today that gets delivered tomorrow
- livid is next weekend and i'm excited. i got eddy a ticket for his birthday, so we are all set
- i'm grumpy about complications with my lease today, so now i am taking my boy out to the movies

that's about it. as you were.
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[04 Oct 2002|05:34pm]
there is a contestant on burgo's catchphrase right now called penny lane. i laugh. not that i am admitting to watching catchphrase or anything...

i have spent the last two days solid househunting. it's such a hassle, i've used about an entire tank of petrol doing it as well. i saw a gorgeous place yesterday that i fell in love with - a bit pricey, but no matter. i thought i didn't have a chance of getting it, but i just heard that my application was accepted. so tomorrow i go in to sign the lease, and monday i have to hand over the cash. it's all so exciting! and now i can furniture shop!

essay is going badly. that's all i will say about that.
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not much to say [01 Oct 2002|06:21pm]
this week was meant to consist of hardcore essay writing and learning to wake up early. neither has happened as of yet, despite the best efforts of eddy to help with the latter by kicking and/or kissing me to wake me up in the early hours. i know that i will regret not whipping up these essays when i start work, but it's nice to just enjoy my last week of being a student with no commitments. nonetheless, today has been productive. i went house-hunting this morning and am getting some idea of where i want to live. my mum is coming over next wednesday to help me find something and get all sorted out furniture-wise. the place i'm in now was fully furnished, so i need to start from scratch when i find somewhere new. that'll be fun though, i love furniture shopping! i swear, freedom furniture would be one of my top three stores in which to max out my credit cards.

it's my boy's birthday next tuesday and i'm at a loss as to what to get him. his parents have bought him a new bass and amp...oh, i can't compete with those new toys! add to that the fact that i'm quite broke and i'm stuck for ideas. anyone want to help?
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[29 Sep 2002|06:55pm]
shamelessly thieved from amarylis

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[22 Sep 2002|02:14pm]
the other day i bought idlewild's "the remote part", totally unheard and reliant on sarah's excellent taste. it's the best thing i've heard in ages, i'm totally hooked.

that's all i wanted to say.
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[18 Sep 2002|06:13pm]

i am so stoked, i have forgotten the fact that i'm sick and haven't moved from bed all day and have been literally jumping up and down since i got the phone call. i start on october 7th. this means i have to work my ass off until then to get my essays out of the way so i'm not working a 10 hour day (lawyer hours...sigh) and then having to come home to write about human rights. but it's all good. i will pretty much do anything right now out of pure exhiliration.

it's excellent pay, too. now i have to go and find a new place to live - and it's so excellent to know that i don't really have to worry about how much the rent is. i'll finally have some money for the first time in my life, and i'll be a real lawyer.

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pseudoephedrine is my saviour [17 Sep 2002|02:32pm]
- having a cold where everytime i cough i feel like i'm going to die.
- not being able to speak because my throat hurts so much (although i think everyone else would count the "not being able to speak" thing as a positive)
- waiting to hear back about the job
- breaking two pairs of shoes in 3 days. i am now zipping up my boots with the use of a paper clip.
- people upsetting my boy

- magic dirt @ the tote on saturday night rocked the house
- watching "the late show" dvd last night & re-introducing eddy to the wonders of the "shit scared" sketches. and oh, we haven't even gotten to "stax of slax" yet!
- the pink jumper i bought this morning to cheer myself up
- having rikki call me out of the blue last night
- strawberry jam on toast
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they say that you can't buy respect [11 Sep 2002|04:18pm]
...a big hello to those people who dislike me and yet find some uncanny, deep seeded need to read this journal and start shit with my boyfriend about it.

moving right along.

my parents and sister have been in melbourne for the past two days, so i've been busy doing things with them. as usual, we did the big shopping spree and i walked away with a new suit, shirt, denim skirt and two pairs of shoes. it was all mostly to get me a new outfit to wear to the job interview i have tomorrow, and make me feel all positive about it which is working. fingers crossed! it's at a huge commercial law firm, so i probably have buckley's chance, but i'd really like to finally get a job. it was fun to hang out with my family for a few days - we went looking at real estate on monday afternoon. i want to buy a property within the next 6 months (job-dependent, of course) and we just wanted to see what was around.

at the moment, i'm listening to the new tas uni radio station online. it's pretty damn good - in the past half an hour, i've heard the strokes, you am i and a couple of tassie bands that i adore. my friends all do shows, and it's the coolest thing to sit here listening to matt or sam or joe on the radio. ted has just put on a reflex song, which has just made my day. they're playing the state final of the campus band comp tonight, and i'm crossing every finger and toe that they win and can come to melbourne to play in the national final.

i'm trying to decide whether to go and see ben kweller tomorrow night. i'm going to the vines on friday and magic dirt on saturday, so i'll be absolutely exhausted. i really do want to see ben though, he's fabbo.

and now i'm just spouting out mindless babble, so i'll be stopping now.
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[11 Sep 2002|02:00am]
ever had that feeling where you feel like you just screwed up something really important? entirely by your own design and you just couldn't stop it?

yeah. that just happened.
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i'd defy gravity, just to get myself back to you [03 Sep 2002|05:15pm]
last night my dad rang to thank me for his fathers' day present which only just arrived. half way through the conversation, he slips in "how would you like to go to hong kong in december?". it turns out that he has a conference to attend there (for one day) and wants to take me and my brother, matt with him and spend a week there, and possibly go to china as well. of course, my response was "i would love to go to hong kong in december!" nothing is definite, but it's a distinct possibility. apparently matt's response was - "do they speak english there? i'm only going if people can speak english!" what a culturally sensitive brother i have there. so today i went and picked up a passport application (i haven't been overseas since 1995 and mine has expired) and it's all very, very exciting.

this past weekend was spent in ballarat. i had intended to just let eddy go by himself and i would spend the weekend seeing some friends that i have been negecting lately. however, he was quite sick this week - to the extent that he was sent home from work on friday afternoon - and there was no way i was letting him drive 1 1/2 hours at night when his head was pounding and he was feeling terrible. so i ended up tagging along at the last minute so that i could drive him. i had a good time, i love his parents. and i also was able to partake of the most lush cheesecake in the history of the entire world. yum. although the conversation with his father about how serious i am about his son was quite daunting. we got back at lunchtime on sunday, and i then slept for the rest of the afternoon.

sunday night i had dinner at courtney's house and she, her housemate anne and i went to see "about a boy". i'd been dying to see it - it's one of my favourite books and has been for years - and i wasn't disappointed. it's different from the book to be sure, but it still works extremely well in my opinion. the only thing that i was a tad upset about was that the time period was entirely changed - i wanted it to be like the book and take place in 1993/94 so that the entire nirvana subplot would come out. alas, it was not to be, but i still adored the movie. i want to see it again, and i feel embarrassed to say that i have a slight crush on hugh grant. ahem.

the rest of this week will be spent doing a blind mailout of my resume to every law firm i can find the address of, in the vague hope that someone will want to hire me. everyone please send "hire emma" vibes to random lawyers.

ps. the new coldplay album is amazing, and hasn't left my cd player. everyone buy it. right now. turn off your computer and run to your nearest friendly cd retailer right this instant.
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[28 Aug 2002|05:09pm]
'angela anaconda' is the coolest children's tv program since the untimely end of fraggle rock and the original degrassi junior high.
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took relationship advice from a magazine you liked [27 Aug 2002|11:25pm]
fun things
+ the pretty new things i've bought this week (chunky silver ring, shawl, 2 x new jeans, a funky hat, on sale calvin klein bra + undies woohoo!!)
+ that my boy has a present for me that i'm not allowed to have until tomorrow
+ the end of chocolate detox! i'm so proud of myself.
+ not having an essay to write
+ raph visiting
+ motor ace in all forms
+ my new favourite tv show, MDA
+ my new nsync stationery set that raph bought me (pencil case! pencils! notebooks! it's so exciting)
+ being in love

not so fun things
- insomnia
- that my presentation at uni on friday was apalling
- still not having a job
- feeling a bit off-colour
- not seeing my boy tonight
- not having the new coldplay cd as of yet
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