emms (rollcredit) wrote,

took relationship advice from a magazine you liked

fun things
+ the pretty new things i've bought this week (chunky silver ring, shawl, 2 x new jeans, a funky hat, on sale calvin klein bra + undies woohoo!!)
+ that my boy has a present for me that i'm not allowed to have until tomorrow
+ the end of chocolate detox! i'm so proud of myself.
+ not having an essay to write
+ raph visiting
+ motor ace in all forms
+ my new favourite tv show, MDA
+ my new nsync stationery set that raph bought me (pencil case! pencils! notebooks! it's so exciting)
+ being in love

not so fun things
- insomnia
- that my presentation at uni on friday was apalling
- still not having a job
- feeling a bit off-colour
- not seeing my boy tonight
- not having the new coldplay cd as of yet
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