emms (rollcredit) wrote,

they say that you can't buy respect

...a big hello to those people who dislike me and yet find some uncanny, deep seeded need to read this journal and start shit with my boyfriend about it.

moving right along.

my parents and sister have been in melbourne for the past two days, so i've been busy doing things with them. as usual, we did the big shopping spree and i walked away with a new suit, shirt, denim skirt and two pairs of shoes. it was all mostly to get me a new outfit to wear to the job interview i have tomorrow, and make me feel all positive about it which is working. fingers crossed! it's at a huge commercial law firm, so i probably have buckley's chance, but i'd really like to finally get a job. it was fun to hang out with my family for a few days - we went looking at real estate on monday afternoon. i want to buy a property within the next 6 months (job-dependent, of course) and we just wanted to see what was around.

at the moment, i'm listening to the new tas uni radio station online. it's pretty damn good - in the past half an hour, i've heard the strokes, you am i and a couple of tassie bands that i adore. my friends all do shows, and it's the coolest thing to sit here listening to matt or sam or joe on the radio. ted has just put on a reflex song, which has just made my day. they're playing the state final of the campus band comp tonight, and i'm crossing every finger and toe that they win and can come to melbourne to play in the national final.

i'm trying to decide whether to go and see ben kweller tomorrow night. i'm going to the vines on friday and magic dirt on saturday, so i'll be absolutely exhausted. i really do want to see ben though, he's fabbo.

and now i'm just spouting out mindless babble, so i'll be stopping now.
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