emms (rollcredit) wrote,

haven't done one in a while, so..

first job: medical receptionist for my dad during school holidays. other than that, it's the one i have now.

first screen name: i always just used my real name. i was too unoriginal to think of a screen name.

first pet: toffee, a black silky terrier

first self-purchased album: i really can't remember

first funeral: my pop

first piercing: ears in grade 5 and nothing ever since.

first true love: isn't true love the one you stay with forever? my first love was andrew, my second eddy and he's the true one.

first big trip: we used to live in adelaide while the rest of the extended family lived in tassie. there were many plane trips back and forth from the time i was in grade 1 until grade 4.

last cigarette: i've never had one and never plan to

last cry: a few weeks ago.

last library book checked out: uni textbooks at the beginning of last year. i think it would have been restrictive trade practices law.

last movie seen in a theatre: goodbye lenin. which rocks the house.

last book read: "the solomon sisters wise up" chick lit at its best. yes, i'm embarrassed.

last cuss word uttered: "i did fucking 69 billable units at work today" to eddy just before.

last beverage: diet coke

last food consumed: a licorice allsort.

last phone call: eddy at lunchtime to tell him that the replacement power adapter for my ibook was going to cost $179!!!

last time showered: this morning

last shoes worn: my runners walking home from work. which looked so sexy over my fishnets.

last cd played: the strokes, room on fire.

last item bought: lunch.

last thing written: lunch.

last key used: my house key.

last word spoken: "thanks" after eddy got me my diet coke.

last kiss: about 5 mins ago

last sleep: last night

last ice cream eaten: hmm, it has been ages.

last lipstick: victoria's secret "lovelight"

last dancing: in my loungeroom 2 nights ago to bon jovi. ahem.

last show attended: QOTSA/the distillers
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