emms (rollcredit) wrote,

i'd defy gravity, just to get myself back to you

last night my dad rang to thank me for his fathers' day present which only just arrived. half way through the conversation, he slips in "how would you like to go to hong kong in december?". it turns out that he has a conference to attend there (for one day) and wants to take me and my brother, matt with him and spend a week there, and possibly go to china as well. of course, my response was "i would love to go to hong kong in december!" nothing is definite, but it's a distinct possibility. apparently matt's response was - "do they speak english there? i'm only going if people can speak english!" what a culturally sensitive brother i have there. so today i went and picked up a passport application (i haven't been overseas since 1995 and mine has expired) and it's all very, very exciting.

this past weekend was spent in ballarat. i had intended to just let eddy go by himself and i would spend the weekend seeing some friends that i have been negecting lately. however, he was quite sick this week - to the extent that he was sent home from work on friday afternoon - and there was no way i was letting him drive 1 1/2 hours at night when his head was pounding and he was feeling terrible. so i ended up tagging along at the last minute so that i could drive him. i had a good time, i love his parents. and i also was able to partake of the most lush cheesecake in the history of the entire world. yum. although the conversation with his father about how serious i am about his son was quite daunting. we got back at lunchtime on sunday, and i then slept for the rest of the afternoon.

sunday night i had dinner at courtney's house and she, her housemate anne and i went to see "about a boy". i'd been dying to see it - it's one of my favourite books and has been for years - and i wasn't disappointed. it's different from the book to be sure, but it still works extremely well in my opinion. the only thing that i was a tad upset about was that the time period was entirely changed - i wanted it to be like the book and take place in 1993/94 so that the entire nirvana subplot would come out. alas, it was not to be, but i still adored the movie. i want to see it again, and i feel embarrassed to say that i have a slight crush on hugh grant. ahem.

the rest of this week will be spent doing a blind mailout of my resume to every law firm i can find the address of, in the vague hope that someone will want to hire me. everyone please send "hire emma" vibes to random lawyers.

ps. the new coldplay album is amazing, and hasn't left my cd player. everyone buy it. right now. turn off your computer and run to your nearest friendly cd retailer right this instant.
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