emms (rollcredit) wrote,

pseudoephedrine is my saviour

- having a cold where everytime i cough i feel like i'm going to die.
- not being able to speak because my throat hurts so much (although i think everyone else would count the "not being able to speak" thing as a positive)
- waiting to hear back about the job
- breaking two pairs of shoes in 3 days. i am now zipping up my boots with the use of a paper clip.
- people upsetting my boy

- magic dirt @ the tote on saturday night rocked the house
- watching "the late show" dvd last night & re-introducing eddy to the wonders of the "shit scared" sketches. and oh, we haven't even gotten to "stax of slax" yet!
- the pink jumper i bought this morning to cheer myself up
- having rikki call me out of the blue last night
- strawberry jam on toast
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